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Essential Surfing Equipment

At ECW, we are a surf camp that gives new surfers to advanced surfers the tools to learn and hone in on their technique. There are a few essential pieces of equipment that you will need to get out on the water. In this blog, we break down a couple of the components of surfing, so you know what to expect.

1) Surfboard

First, you'll need a board to ride the waves. There are many types of surfboards available. At ECW, we can give recommendations based on your surfing level. If you are a beginner, a larger, foam board will be easier to navigate the waves.

2) A leash

A leash for surfing will increase your safety, as it keeps you connected to your board as you are riding. Generally, the leash should measure the same length as your board or longer.

3) Surf Fins

Surf fins help give you balance and stability in the water, which makes them essential. With fins, you can increase your ability to navigate through the water.

4) Wax

Wax helps keep your grip intact on the surfboard. There is a special kind of wax made specifically for surfing. You can attach a traction pad to your board as an option instead of wax, as well. The traction pad will last for years if well-maintained. If your board does not have a traction pad, you'll need to wax your board to have some traction while riding waves.

5 ) Wetsuit

A wetsuit is one of the main pieces that surfers can wear on the water to keep their bodies warm. You can choose Full Suit or Spring Suit based on the temperature of the water. The thickness of the wetsuit also varies from 2mm to 4/3mm.

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